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Health Commission asks CMRI to return Rs 1.28L to patient's family

Health Commission asks CMRI to return Rs 1.28L to patients family

Kolkata: The West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission (WBCERC) has sought medical records of a 36-year-old patient who died at RSV Hospital in Tollygunge on October 21.

The victim Biswajit Deb Burman was from Mumbai who visited the city for some professional reasons when he fell ill and admitted to the hospital. The hospital has told the Commission that the patient was found Covid positive and he had also been suffering from various ailments like respiratory distress, obesity and others.

WBCERC chairperson Justice (retired) Ashim Kumar Banerjee said that the victim's wife has no specific complaint against the hospital and she wanted to know how her husband died in the hospital. The woman had sent a letter to the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in this regard. The victim had written a few lines on a paper and later captured a photo of the page and sent a whatsapp message to his wife before his death. The content of his message is not, however, clear to the Commission. The deceased's family returned to Mumbai after the incident. The woman on Monday took part in the hearing virtually.

In another incident the WBCERC on Monday asked the CMRI Hospital to refund Rs 1,28,000 to the family

members of an elderly woman who was exorbitantly charged by the hospital. The patient was put in the ICU for 21 days, 12 days in ventilator support and 8 days in general bed. The bill amount went to Rs 10,03,188. The Commission also found that various pathological tests were done multiple times by the hospital.

In another incident, the Commission asked the Health World Hospital in Durgapur to give compensation of Rs 40,000 to a patient who was allegedly not given medical records by the hospital. B.P Poddar Hospital has been instructed by the Commission to return Rs 50,000 to a patient who remained at the hospital for 9 hours. The patient was charged Rs 95,134 which the WBCERC found exorbitant.

The WBCERC heard another case in which Ruby General Hospital has been instructed to provide a discount of around Rs 52,000 to Narendra Nath Banerjee who admitted his mother to the hospital.

The patient remained there in the hospital for 5 days and the hospital had charged a bill of Rs 3,86,000.

Kasturi Hospital on Diamond Harbour road has been directed to provide a discount of Rs 2 lakh to the family members of a 60-year-old woman who later died in the hospital. The hospital had charged a bill of Rs 5,56,208. AMRI Hospital Salt Lake has been asked to refund Rs 1 lakh to a couple both of whom had been admitted to the hospital with Covid.

The Commission found that they were exorbitantly charged while being released from the hospital.

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