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Headmaster comes to school drunk, classes suspended

 Team MP |  2017-03-20 18:58:24.0  |  Kolkata

Headmaster comes to school drunk, classes suspended

Chaos broke out at Poktarpool Primary School at Belda in Paschim Midnapore on Monday morning after the headmaster entered the school in an inebriated state. State Primary Education board has ordered a probe in this connection.

The students of the school found headmaster Jugal Kishore Dolui entering the school premises unsteadily. He sat on the ground in front of the school building. Dolui was so drunk that he could not walk up to his room.

The middle-aged headmaster was seen talking to himself sitting on the ground. When the students of the school along with local people surrounded Dolui, he asked the people who they were and asked them to leave.

Meanwhile, the students and their parents alleged that the headmaster often comes to the school in an inebriated state. Some of the local residents alleged that Dolui could not stand on his feet despite several attempts.

The inquisitive people and the school students started gathering in front of the headmaster who was struggling to stand up.

He did not, however, like what was going on and rebuked the students asking them to return to their classes.

The school was suspended following the incident and teachers informed the matter to the senior officials. The matter had also reached the West Bengal Board of Primary Education (WBBPE) and its president Manik Bhattacharya has ordered a probe into the incident.

Bhattacharya said they will look into the matter. Steps would be taken against the headmaster if he is found guilty. The students, their guardians and the school teachers demanded action against the headmaster as they claimed that not only he hampered further studies but also destroyed the environment of the school.

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