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Hakim slams garbage piling inside CPWD quarter

Kolkata: Mayor Firhad Hakim expressed his displeasure over garbage piling up inside the premises of the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) quarter at Grahams Road in Tollygunge, leading to the proliferation of dengue mosquito larvae.

Hakim, along with Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh and officials of Kolkata Municipal Corporation's Health and Solid Waste Management department, paid a visit to the CPWD quarter premises under ward 97, after there were reports of dengue cases in the area.

Seven-year-old Pragya Saha of Regent Colony, who died of dengue a few days ago, lived at a distance of less than 200 metres from the spot which the Mayor visited on Tuesday.

"The CPWD quarter premise is in a complete mess with plastic containers, domestic waste and coconut shells pilling up here and there, encouraging mosquito breeding. If it had been under the maintenance of the state government, then I would have taken strong action. But it is owned by a Central agency, so I will take up the matter at the Chief Secretary level today (Tuesday) itself and speak with the concerned person so that cleanliness drive can be taken up immediately. The place, which is emerging as a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes due to negligence of the CPWD authorities, is putting the residents of the entire ward at risk," Hakim said.

The residents of the quarter dump garbage from their apartments at will and during the drive on Tuesday, some garbage was even dropped on the head of the Mayor, which is a clear pointer to the lack of negligence of the residents of the quarter. A senior official of KMC's Health department said that a case is pending under section 496A of KMC Act in the municipal court, against those associated with overseeing the cleanliness of the quarter.

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