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Green groups, KMDA to launch clean-up drive at Sarobar

Green groups, KMDA to launch clean-up drive at Sarobar

Kolkata: As many as 6 environmental groups in the city have joined hands with Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) for cleaning Rabindra Sarobar on Thursday and Friday.

The main purpose of the drive is to clean the oily and greasy layer — caused by bird droplets — on the water surface.

"The oily substance brings down the dissolved oxygen level of the water, posing risk to the fishes and plants in the water body. The apprehension of death of fishes cannot be ruled out if the water

condition deteriorates. So, when the environmental groups approached us with the proposal, we granted

them the permission to do so," said a senior official of KMDA, the custodian of the water body.

The KMDA will provide boats and some basic equipment to the groups. More than 50 volunteers from 6 environmental groups will do the clean-up.

"Remnants of tree trunks and leaves, which have accumulated since Amphan, will also be lifted from the water body," said S M Ghosh, environmentalist and green activist who is also the convenor of Sarobar Eco Lovers Forum (SELF).

He alleged that the morning walkers have spotted a handful of dead fishes floating in the water body.

"If the migratory birds — which have nested at the Sarobar with the winter setting in — feed on the dead fishes, then they may get infected. So, it is very necessary to take up the drive," he added.

Environmentalists pointed out though the use of plastics is banned in the lake premises, there is lack of proper vigil. Thus, plastic bottles and bags are often found scattered in and around the water body.

They also urged the rowing and swimming clubs associated with the water body to come forward so that similar drives can be undertaken periodically for proper upkeep

of the ecological balance

of the national artificial lake that stretches over an area of 3.5 km.

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