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Govt directs Poultry Federation to take steps

Kolkata: The state government has directed the state Poultry Federation to take necessary steps to check skyrocketing price of eggs.
It may be mentioned that it has been noticed by the state government that the price of eggs has increased in the past few days. Without delay, the state government took necessary steps to check the skyrocketing of the prices.
The Animal Resource Development department wrote to the poultry association to keep a tab so that a section of businessmen do not hoard eggs which often leads to increase in its price.
There is a requirement of around 2.5 crore eggs everyday in the state and it has been noticed that the cost of each egg has gone up by around Re 1 to Rs 1.50.
The state government has stated that strict steps will be taken if no proper move is taken to check the skyrocketing of egg prices. Explaining the reason behind the increase in the price of eggs, an official stated that eggs can be stored for a long time in winter which is not possible in summer and that is the reason why some businessmen are hoarding it to increase its demand in the market which is automatically leading to an increase in its price in the open market.

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