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Goutam Deb alleges conspiracy to bring state to grinding halt

Darjeeling: "There is a deep rooted conspiracy to destabilise and bring the state of West Bengal to a grinding halt and the Gajoldoba incident is an example of this," stated tourism minister Goutam Deb.

Minister Deb was reacting to the recent incident of residents of Milanpalli, aided by the BJP protesting the construction of a helipad in Gajoldoba and instead have started tilling the land. They have claimed that they have land documents (Patta) for the plot.

"They are not allowing Government projects. They have not been able to show a single Patta. We have been maintaining restraint and showing tolerance but let them not interpret this as our weakness. As we don't want peace to be disrupted we have maintained patience," stated Deb.

Deb stated that tourism is economic backbone of this region. "Who promoted Dooars? It is Chief

Minister Mamata Banerjee and the

Government who have promoted Dooars. More than Rs 2000 crore have been invested in the "Bhorer Alo"

project in Jajoldoba. Spread across 208 acres of land it is the biggest integrated tourism project in India. Thousands of people will be getting employment directly or indirectly in the "Bhorer Alo." We

cannot allow it to be destroyed," stated Deb.

He further alleged that in Batabari, BJP supporters asked a constructing agency for cut money for a project. When they did not pay, the under-construction project was vandalised.

"We filed an FIR and five persons have been arrested. In Cooch Behar also similar incidents have been reported," alleged Deb.

He stated that the new road to Gajoldoba through Kranti and Lataguri is underway. The road will shorten the present distance of 79 km to 23 km from Siliguri to Gajoldoba.

The Fulbari Tunnel Area in Gajoldoba is being beautified.

"We want to develop it into a green zone. About 23 cottages will be ready in Bhorer Alo by November. Elephant Safari will also start with two elephants. A food court is also coming up in Bhorer Alo," stated the Tourism minister.

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