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Garbage dump makes life difficult for residents

Kolkata: People living on Bijli road and in surrounding areas under Beniapukur police station are seriously inconvenienced as some local residents are piling up garbage on the roadside.

The garbage dumped in the area also pose environmental hazards and thereby affecting the local residents many of whom have taken up the matter with the local councillor but no steps have been taken yet, alleged some local residents.

Senior officials at the Kolkata Municipal Corporation have assured that the matter would be looked into and action will be taken against those found littering the place.

The offenders may be slapped with fines to check such practices.

The municipal corporation had set up a vat at the nearby place. But, a section of the people in the vicinity has developed a strange habit of dumping the garbage on the open road turning the place almost into a dumping ground.

These people are reluctant to dump their garbage at the proper place.

It has become a bone of contention between two sections of people in the area. A local resident staying in the area said that they cannot open their windows as foul smell always emanates from the garbage dump. The matter was raised with the employees of the workshop run by the West Bengal state transport department at Nonapukur.

The area falls under ward 61 on Bijli Road close to the Nonapukur tram depot and workshop. The situation persists for quite a long time. People raised the objections but no significant steps have been taken so far in this regard.

The matter triggers a sense of awe among a section of the KMC officials who have taken various initiatives to maintain the cleanliness of the city.

The KMC has set up vats at various places in each ward so that people dump their garbage in a designated place. Giving stress on solid waste management and the disposal of garbage, the KMC also introduced the compactors machines.

The incident comes to light at a time when the KMC and the present government are giving paramount importance to the cleanliness drive.

A senior KMC official said that they would look into the matter and actions will be taken in this regard.

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