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Free surgeries at Dr R Ahmed Dental College and Hospital

Kolkata: Dr R Ahmed Dental College and Hospital is conducting critical surgeries and placing implants on the dental patients at completely free of costs at its newly built implant clinic.

Doctors from the department of Prosthodontia, department of oral and maxillofacial surgery and the department of Periodontia are treating the patients at the new dental clinic of the hospital. Since its inception, senior doctors from all the three departments have conducted many dental implant surgeries.

Earlier, patients are have to pay nearly Rs 50,000 for a dental implant in private hospitals but they are getting the treatment at free.

Artificial teeth are being implanted replacing those which have been damaged owing to various causes. There may be a single implant or multiple implants as determined by the expert doctors of the hospital.

A senior professor of the department of Periodontia and Public Health dentistry said the whole process of dental implant might take about four months and the process would be conducted in various phases.

There are two aspects of dental implant — mechanical and biological. A titanium base would be implanted as a root on jawbone and an artificial teeth made of ceramic would be fitted on the titanium base.

Using dental implant the patients will be able to use the teeth almost like an original one.

The patients can make the use implanted teeth up to 95 per cent naturally, an expert said.

The teeth were implanted a couple of months after the titanium base is fitted on the patients' jaw so that the base becomes a permanent part of the jaw through Osseointegration.

It is a process that allows dental implants to become a permanent part of the jaw.

It maintains the structural and functional connection between living bone and the surface of a load-bearing artificial implant. When the titanium base is cemented with the jaw, it is desirable to implant the metal ceramic teeth, a senior official of the hospital said.

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