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Father takes to social media after daughter scores 0 in Madhyamik

Kolkata: An examinee has reportedly got 0 in six subjects out of seven in this year's Madhyamik Examination. It has been alleged that the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) were negligent on their part while checking the answer scripts.

According to one Paritosh Bag of Kolaghat, his daughter Tamalika Bag had appeared in last year's Madhyamik Examination. After the results were out, her family saw that Tamalika had got single digit numbers in multiple subjects, including 0 in one subject.

Paritosh stated that after appearing for three examinations last year, Tamalika got sick. However, despite her ill health, she had appeared for all the examinations. After the results came out, Tamalika refused to accept the numbers as she had answered enough to qualify.

However, despite his daughter's claim, Paritosh had thought that there might have been some problem for which Tamalika was not able to provide satisfactory answers to the questions.

"I thought she had done bad as she was ill. So I did not challenge or apply for scrutiny," said Paritosh.

After that he reportedly told his daughter to study well and do well in this year's examination. According to Paritosh, after each day's examination, Tamalika was found to be happy and she claimed that she was expecting around 70-80 marks in each subject. However, after the results came out on May 21, her family saw a near-identical repetition of her last year's Madhyamik Examination result. After this, Paritosh wrote a post on Facebook, stating the facts which immediately got a good number of shares.

Paritosh said on Friday: "I am a private tutor. I used to help her study. She had other private tutors as well. I also took mock tests before Madhyamik where she had done well. I don't understand how she can get 0 in every subject!" He further stated that on Friday, a person called him up and identified himself as Subhra Banerjee from WBBSE. He reportedly asked Paritosh to reach the WBBSE office located at Karunamoyee in Salt Lake on Wednesday and said that he will be shown the answer scripts of his daughter there.

WBBSE president Kalyanmoy Ganguly said on Friday that he has knowledge of the incident. Though Ganguly took up the matter after he was informed by his colleagues, there was no official complaint regarding this. "Is this the procedure to challenge WBBSE?" he questioned.

"He could have lodged a complaint with us. But he just posted it on social media. Is this the procedure? I have the knowledge of it and I told Banerjee to call them on Wednesday. Meanwhile, each of the answer script will be brought to my office and I will check them myself. A detailed explanation will be given after that," said Ganguly.

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