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Father-son duo die of suspected dengue

Kolkata: After two deaths within a span of 10 hours allegedly due to dengue at KIT housing complex at Kasba's BB Chatterjee Road on Thursday, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation said that Siddhartha Ghosh (53) who died at Fortis Hospital had been infected with the dengue virus outside the state.

After a few hours of Siddharth's death his son, Deep Ghosh (13) also died at the Institute of Child Health (ICH). Member, Mayor-in-Council (health) Atin Ghosh said that the 13-year-old child did not die of dengue. He claimed that the child had history of epilepsy from an early age and the death was due to this. The test that was performed to detect dengue of the child was not correct," he said.
Ghosh further added that the elderly person Siddharta Ghosh had gone to Chennai for treatment some days ago and got affected with dengue.
However, the child's uncle Gopal Ghorami denied the claim of the Mayor in Council that Ghosh had been to Chennai and insisted that both of them died of dengue. "The doctors at ICH found the boy's platelet count low and rashes in his body, the common symptoms of dengue. His blood samples tested positive for dengue," Gharami said.
Siddhartha was the first to be admitted to hospital on the afternoon of September 4 when he was detected with dengue. As his condition worsened rapidly, doctors put him on ventilation. "He had undergone a bypass surgery at Fortis Hospital, so when he had high fever, we rushed him to the same hospital. He had tested positive for both dengue and malaria," said Gopal Gharami, his brother-in-law.
Deep, too, had been down with fever since last week. On September 5, Deep felt very unwell and was taken to the hospital some 12 hours after his father was admitted
When the Councillor of ward 67, Bijan Lal Mukherjee came to the spot to spread bleaching powder and use fogging machine to destroy mosquito larvae, if any, on Friday morning, the residents of KIT started agitating demanding that the KMC hardly takes up drive at that spot.
"The premises of the housing complex is full of filth with open drains in and around. Stagnant water is also found here and there," alleged Soma Guha, a resident of the complex. The KIT complex has 6 blocks with 210 rooms.
"The responsibility of keeping the complex clean rests with the KIT but they have not done so," a KMC health officer alleged.
Panic scare and shock had descended at the KIT Housing Complex that had seen a dengue outbreak in 2016 too.

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