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Even the bard of Bengal had a sweet tooth for sponge rosogolla

Kolkata: You know him for his literary works that include songs and poems for every emotion a man goes through but did you know that Rabindranath Tagore had a "special weakness" for the sponge rosogolla of Nabin Chandra Das, popularly known as Nabin moira (sweet maker).
In "Antaranga Rabindranath" by Dr Pashupati Bhattacharya, we get an intimate description of Tagore's love for rosogolla. Dr Bhattacharya, a medical practitioner took lessons in Rabindrasangeet from Tagore and was also a close associate of Dr BC Roy.
After coming to know from Dr Bhattacharya that he was a resident of Bagbazar, Tagore one day inquired whether he had tasted the sponge rosogolla of Bagbazar. On getting a negative reply from Dr Bhattacharya, Tagore asked him to have it once and requested him to bring the same for him.
Dr Bhattacharya, though a resident of the area, did not know about Sponge rosogolla. However, on inquiry he found that it was available in the shop of Nabin moira, popularly known as the "Columbus of Bengal." As per instruction from Gurudev, Dr Bhattacharya had two rosogollas and bought one handi (earthen pot in which rosogollas were given to customers) for Tagore. Tagore was very happy to receive it but could not talk to him as on the next morning he was scheduled to leave for Santiniketan.
Nearly after two months Dr Bhattacharya received a letter from Tagore informing him about the date when he was coming back to Jorasanko along with a request to get another handi of the sweet for him. Dr Bhattacharya went to Nabin moira's shop but on that day, all rosogollas were sold.
Finding no other option, he bought the same from another shop and presented it to Tagore. But Gurudev was not at all happy with the taste and told him: "I found the taste to be different" and then jokingly said "you have deceived me. It is not the same rosogolla."
On the next occasion, when Dr Bhattacharya presented another handi of the 'original rosogolla', Tagore remarked: "This is real Bagbazar rosogolla. It melts in your mouth."
Not only did Tagore himself appreciate sponge rosogolla, he also presented it to his near and dear ones and anyone who requested him to recommend for any new variety of sweet, Tagore's prompt reply used to be: "Go to Bagbazar and enjoy Nabin moira's rosogolla."
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