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Even demons like Ravan used Rath: Mamata mocks BJP's roadshows

Even demons like Ravan used Rath: Mamata mocks BJPs roadshows

RAIGANJ: Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday mocked BJP leaders for travelling on raths "as if they are gods", and alleged saffron party's 'Rath Yatra' is meant to create division in the society on the basis of religion.

Accusing the saffron party of resorting to "lies" about Hinduism, Banerjee said the desperation to defeat her has stemmed from the BJPs ambition to wipe out the last opposition bastion in the country.

Addressing a mega rally here at the Raiganj Stadium, Banerjee sarcastically said: "We have seen Lord Jagannath, Balaram and Goddess Subhadra travel on chariots but this time no god has climbed the Rath, instead the BJP leaders are traveling in them which are like 10-star luxurious hotels," she said, adding: " They call it Rath Yatra but it is only 'yatra' (a popular form of folk theatre in Bengal) because the vehicles they are using are more luxurious than a Rath. Why will the BJP conduct a Rath Yatra? Are they bigger than Gods? Do we have to pray to them instead of Jagannath, Balaram or Subhadra?," she questioned.

Calling the Rath of the BJP as the "rath of Ravana", she said: "We know that Ravana came on a Rath and kidnapped Sita and the BJP leaders are also coming similarly. They have tried to malign the Jagannathdev's Rath Yatra and Dharma (Religion)."

BJP has kicked off five-phased rath yatra, christened as "Parivartan Yatra" in poll-bound Bengal.

In the scathing attack, the TMC supremo said BJP leaders are trying to fool people by asking them to believe only what they have to say.

"They are making videos and films sitting at home and circulating them on social media. But they have to keep in mind that this is Bengal and the people of Bengal will never fall prey to all these tricks," she stressed.

Banerjee urged the party workers to bury the hatchets and work for the people. "When I sit on the chair of the Chief Minister I consider myself to be a party worker who has no

other business but to serve the people.

Cautioning the party workers that BJP will spend money to win election she said: "Be careful, remember that true Trinamool workers do not bow their head to any money power. Have confidence," she stated.

Without naming the defectors she said: "Leaders who have taken so much from our party and left it are greedy. They don't want to work for the people of Bengal and thus they have left our party to join BJP where people are only concerned about gaining more and more power and do nothing for the development of people," she maintained.

Assuring the people that BJP will not be able to make any dent in Bengal she said: "They want to come to power in Bengal by hook or by crook. They know that if they can dislodge me then they can control Bengal from Delhi. Once they can grab power, they will stall all development and spread hate and lies to divide society."

Criticizing the BJP for making false allegation that women were not safe in Bengal she asked the women present at the meeting: "Don't you go to the market alone. Do you face any problem?" When the women present at the meeting said: "no", Banerjee said: "BJP is spreading canard against us and you will have to give a befitting reply." She maintained that in UP women, men and backward classes, and journalists are scared to leave their houses. "You are killing Dalits mercilessly. We don't need BJP to make a Sonar Bangla because Bengal is already a Sonar Bangla and we will ensure further development."

Speaking about the development projects undertaken by her government, the Chief Minister said: "We have implemented Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Shikshashree, Sabujshree, Sabujsathi, free-ration and Duare Sarkar through which development is being ensured by the state government. Swasthya Sathi has been made available to all the people of Bengal."

She said that the hospital at Kaliagunj would be made into a 300 bed hospital.

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