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ER initiative to conserve water by recycling

Kolkata: Eastern Railway's Malda Division has taken a brilliant initiative to conserve water by recycling.

Previously, the cleaning of washable apron and platform area of Malda station was being done by using drinking water on a regular measure due to non-availability of raw water in station area.

About 60,000 liter water is being consumed daily in mechanised laundry, Malda for washing linen.

Now, after commissioning of this water conservation system about 50,000 litre of waste water will be utilised for cleaning the washable apron and platform area. The Eastern Railway's Asansol division has also taken a series of measures to conserve water.

Lifting of ground water and using drinking for washing, cleaning and flashing has out a serious threat in India and all Central government agencies have taken measures to stop wastage of water and recycle waste water.

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