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Eatery ransacked after owner denies to pay Puja donation

Kolkata: A roadside eatery was allegedly ransacked by some local club members at Alambazar in Baranagar on Thursday night. The owner of the dhaba alleged that as he refused to give donation for Kali Puja, club members assaulted him and ransacked his dhaba.

According to the owner of the eatery, identified as Munshilal Roy, a portfolio holder of a local club demanded Rs 50,000 from him a few days ago as donation for Kali Puja. But, Roy reportedly refused to pay the money. Thus, the club members had some resentment against him. It is alleged that on Thursday night around 11 pm, approximately 15 members of that club came to the food joint and started hurling expletives. When Roy protested, he was beaten up. Seeing his father getting beaten up. Roy's son came to his rescue but he was also allegedly beaten up by the club members.

Roy alleged that a police patrolling van was nearby but none of them came to stop the club members. Later, accused persons vandalized the roadside eatery and fled. Roy also alleged that when he went to Baranagar police station to lodge a complaint, the police advised to negotiate the matter mutually but later received the complaint.

The club authority however denied the allegation of vandalism and alleged that on Thursday night someone at the eatery used abusive language against a woman and liqour was being illegally sold there. Roy denied these allegations and claimed that sale of liqour was stopped two years ago. He further alleged that the club authorities often demand money from him as donation on several occasions. Roy said he had given Rs 10,000 to the club in August this year.

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