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Durga Puja will get global acclaim soon: Mamata

Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Sunday that in near future, Durga Puja will get world recognition as the most popular festival involving lakhs of people representing all communities, castes and creeds.

She inaugurated the Durga Puja at Behala Nutan Dal on Sunday afternoon, along with multiple others during the day including Barisha Club and Ballygunge 21 Palli.

"In near future, Durga Puja will get world recognition as the most popular festival involving lakhs of people. It has become a 10 day carnival now. The idol-makers, those who make the pandals and make the lighting arrangements all work together to make the festival a grand success," Banerjee said.

She lauded the idol of Ma Durga at Nutan Dal that has been made artistic with a touch a charcoal. "I appreciate the work of the artist. In Purulia the tribal people use charcoal to give finishing touches to the idol," she added.

Speaking on the recent spell of rainfall in the city, Banerjee said the cloudy weather has failed to dampen the spirit of the people. Most of the Pujas will be inaugurated by Tuesday and then for the next few days people will be enjoying the grand festival, which gives the message of communal harmony and peace.

The Chief Minister also lauded Barisha Club for putting up the theme 'use of technology for the benefit of mankind'. "We always abuse mother nature in the name of development and when nature takes revenge, we become helpless. The global warming has posed a serious threat to the world along with the groundwater level falling," she said, adding: "The state government has taken several measures like conservation of water through Jal Dharo Jal Bharo scheme and other projects like Stay Green Stay Clean and Save Water Save Life."

Banerjee added that constant drives to make people aware of the need to conserve the environment are required to save the world.

She subsequently inaugurated the Pujas of Ajeya Sanghati and 41 Palli in Haridebpur, while later in the evening she inaugurated Bosepukur Sitala Mandir and Bosepukur Talbagan. She also inaugurated the Durga Puja at Adi Ballygunge and 21 Palli in South Kolkata.

In all the pandals, Banerjee chanted hymns from Chandi and prayed for the peace and prosperity of the people. She was accompanied by Mala Roy, Trinamool Congress MP and Subrata Bakshi, state president of the party.

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