Drug peddling racket: CID officers visit Gurgaon

Drug peddling racket: CID officers visit Gurgaon

Kolkata: A team comprising officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) went to Gurgaon to further probe the case of drug peddling racket in connection with the arrest of five Chinese nationals.

Sources said the team has been sent after receiving information that three of the arrested persons had stayed in areas around Delhi for the past many months.

The investigating officers have also received information that one of them used to work for a mobile manufacturing company, while another person was used to work as a cook at some place.

The officers in the team went to Gurgaon to get more information about the arrested persons and at the same time to know what they actually used to do there.

It may be recalled that Government Railway Police (GRP) had arrested the five Chinese nationals - Wang Zio Dong, Zeu Gong Hue, Chang Heu, Lee Chand and Lue Bouk Seoung. Later, the CID had taken up the case and initiated interrogating them. They were in CID's custody.

The court has extended their custody to CID for another day and they will be again produced before the court on Saturday.

The CID officers had later come to know about a factory at Naoda in Murshidabad, where the investigating officers suspect that they used to produce drugs. Although the arrested persons have claimed during the interrogation that they had never been to Naoda

Five of them came to the city at different times and later they assembled at one place.

Around 197 kg drug was recovered from them that worth Rs 39 crore. The investigating officers are trying to find out how they have managed to get the same.

It may be mentioned that a team comprising officers of US's Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on Tuesday interrogated the five Chinese nationals. The interrogation continued for around four long hours. Officers of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) also interrogated five of them. The investigating officers are trying to find out their modus operandi and to get whereabouts of other members of the racket who used to smuggle drugs including methamphetamine and amphetamine.

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