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Domestic help arrested for stealing diamond ring

Kolkata: Within a few hours after receiving complaint that a gold ring fitted with a large diamond solitaire had gone missing from a woman residing at Dover Lane at Gariahat, police managed to recover the jewellery and arrest the maid servant of the woman for the theft.

The diamond-fitted ring was gifted to the woman by her mother-in-law and was worth Rs 5 lakh at current market value of the stone.

According to an officer of Gariahat police station, the complaint was received from the woman, who owns a saree shop, around 7 pm.

The woman had a family get together in the morning where along with other family members, her maid servant Seema Sardar was also present.

With the needle of suspicion on the maid servant, the only clue provided by the woman in the case was a mobile number that was found to be used by one Kartik Sardar of Joynagar in South 24-Parganas. The woman or her family members were unable to provide any picture or address of the maid.

Incidentally, a green police associated with Gariahat police station, who resides nearby was asked to locate the residence of Kartik Sardar.

However, neither Kartik nor Seema Sardar was found living in that area.

The green police then informed that there is an area nearby under Mandirbazar police station from where a number of people ply everyday to Kolkata and work as maid servants in various localities .

Within 10 pm a team of plain clothed officials with private vehicles was sent to that area and ultimately after speaking with a number of maid servants staying there Seema's residence was identified. The diamond ring was also recovered from her possession.

The ring was wrapped in a 100 rupee note.

"The woman had planned to sell the ring off on Tuesday morning to some people in her locality, who purchase such stolen articles," an officer said.

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