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Dogs 'poisoned' in Birbhum

Kolkata: Two dogs, including a puppy, were reportedly poisoned at Suri in Birbhum on Tuesday.

The animals were found sick inside a police housing complex in Suri. According to local residents, on Tuesday morning, a few people found the sick dogs inside the police housing complex.

They immediately informed a local animal lover's organisation. Two members of the organisation rushed the dogs to a nearby animal hospital. After a few hours both the dogs died. Doctors suspect that the animals were poisoned as when they were brought to the hospital they were in rabid condition.

Local residents suspect that the dogs were poisoned by the residents of the police housing complex. However, it is not clear whether the dogs were poisoned or they ate something poisonous accidentally. Till Tuesday night, no complaint was lodged in this connection.

In January this year, 16 puppies were beaten to death by some students inside the nurses' hostel at NRS Medical College and Hospital. The carcasses of the animals were found wrapped inside a polythene sheet. Animal lovers and various organisations protested against the brutal act.

The incident came to light after a video, captured from the boys' hostel on the hospital premises, went viral featuring the nurses killing the puppies. Later, two nursing students were arrested but they were eventually released on bail after a few days.

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