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Doctors remove foetus from abdomen of 22-month-old child

Kolkata: Doctors of Burdwan Medical College and Hospital successfully removed a foetus from the abdomen of a 22-month-old child. Surgeons said such rare medical cases are found in one child among five lakh children.

According to sources, in the last week of March, Balaram Majhi of Nanur in Birbhum came to the hospital with his son. He said his son's abdomen was growing unnaturally. When doctors examined the child they found no problems apparently. After a detailed examination, doctors suspected that something was inside his abdomen which was growing rapidly. After an ultrasonography, doctors saw a lump of flesh inside the abdomen. After observing closely doctors suspected that it could be a foetus. After the ultrasonography, doctors set up a medical board for discussion. After a quick meeting, doctor Naren Mukherjee decided to operate the child. On Thursday, Mukherjee and nine other doctors and paramedics conducted a major surgery and removed the foetus. It was found the hands and the legs had already developed in the foetus. Even there was hair growth on the partially-grown head.

Doctors said if a few more months had passed, the problem could have been life threatening for the child. According to doctors, this kind of complexity is called foetus into foetu. Such cases occurred when the mother conceives twin babies but only one matures. The other foetus in infuse into the body of the other child and starts growing.

Though the operation is successful and the condition of the child is stable, he has been kept under observation for few days as doctors need to be sure that no further complications occur. Such kinds of cases are rare but Burdwan Medical College and Hospital had witnessed a similar case approximately five years ago.

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