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DEO launches 12 documentaries to encourage voters

Kolkata: The District Election officer (DEO), North Kolkata, on Monday launched Ek Dojon Goppo, a collection of 12 audio-visual documentaries which will be displayed at various parts of the North Kolkata Parliamentary constituency including multiple Metro railway stations, in order to encourage the people to cast their votes.

The move has been undertaken as the Election Commission has observed a low turnout of voters during the last Lok Sabha Election in 2014 and the Assembly elections in 2016.

Apart from the audio-visual documentaries, the office of the DEO North also released a jingle titled Amar Gorber Kolkata, Amar Nirbhoy Vote, which will be played in Metro stations and on social media, to enthuse interest among the voters.

The documentaries have a duration ranging between 35 seconds and 1.18 minutes. They will be played in Metro stations from Tuesday. The videos will also be uploaded on various social media platforms.

"We have requested the Metro Railway authorities to play our documentaries and they have agreed to do so. We are also uploading them on social media to reach out to the maximum number of people. Apart from the documentaries, we are also staging street dramas in various Assembly constituencies, encouraging the voters to take part in the electoral franchise," said Dibyendu Sarkar, DEO North Kolkata.

Sarkar also said that during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, the voter turnout in North Kolkata remained at 66.65 percent, which was a little lower than the average turnout in Bengal.

The Chowringhee Assembly segment recorded the lowest turnout of 57.73 percent during the last Lok Sabha. It was the lowest turnout of voters in any Assembly constituency in the state in 2014.

Similarly, during the Assembly elections in 2016, North Kolkata recorded an average voting percentage of 64.27, which was again lower than the average turnout in the state.

According to Sarkar, the reason of low turnout in North Kolkata is apparently the migration of voters. Many persons who stay here for work and are the voters of North Kolkata, often go to their native places during the elections.

The audio-visual documentaries capture various traditional aspects of the lives of the people in North Kolkata. One of the stories captures the mood of a rickshaw-puller, while the other depicts heritage trams.

Videos have been made on various themes like Jorasanko Thakur Bari, Old Kolkata Adda, College Street, wrestling and others. Through all the documentaries, an appeal has been made to the voters to exercise their franchise.

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