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'Defectors joined BJP to convert illegal money into legal assets'

Defectors joined BJP to convert illegal money into legal assets

Ranaghat (Nadia): Dubbing BJP as 'Bharatiya Junk Party', Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee took a jibe at the defectors—without naming them—who had joined the saffron camp.

While addressing a mammoth rally at Ranaghat in Nadia district on Monday afternoon, she alleged that the defectors had jumped ship to convert their unaccounted money into legal assets.

"When you are a Trinamool Congress member, you are termed as kalo (black). But, when the same person joins BJP, he becomes 'bhalo' ( good). BJP has become a detergent powder which puts the defectors in a washing machine, removes the stains and makes them clean and bright," she remarked.

Urging people to take a pledge to defeat BJP in the upcoming elections, she said BJP has profound dislike for her as 'she is not ready to sell Bengal.' "The BJP leaders know that I will give my life, but not sell Bengal to outsiders who do not know our culture, tradition and people," Banerjee said.

Alleging that BJP will give Rs 5,000 to the people to 'buy their votes,' she said: "The BJP leaders will go to your place and try to confuse you and will pay you. Take the money because it is the money of the people and then cast your vote in favour of Trinamool as it has done everything for you," she said.

"There is not a single family which has not been benefited by the pro-people schemes. Nowhere in the country, ration is free along with health services in state-run hospitals. Schemes like Kayashree and Rupashree have helped the girls to carry on with their studies and during their marriage. The SC and ST caste people get monthly pension when they attain the age of 60 years if they are not covered by any pension scheme," she added.

Calling the BJP leaders 'a bunch of liars' for making promises that are never fulfilled, Banerjee said: "Before 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the party had said everybody would get Rs 15 lakh. Two crore jobs will be provided. People lost jobs during the pandemic and the unemployment rate in the country is at its all-time high," she said.

"In Bengal, unemployment rate has gone down and the shortly youths from Bengal will get jobs once the coal block at Deoca Pachami is ready for operation and crude oil is lifted in North 24-Parganas,"she added.

Narrating a story, she said: "Two families were travelling in a train and soon got engaged in conversation. One of them told the other that he had seen a tiger whose tail was 12 feet long. Immediately, his wife coughed giving him a signal that he should not lie to this extent.

The person corrected himself and said it could be 10 feet and later said it could be 5 to 6 feet long. Every time his wife coughed, he changed the answer. The person became furious and told his wife that she may die coughing, but he will not give up telling lies." She made an indirect jibe at the BJP by narrating the story for spreading lies and misinformation.

Banerjee reiterated that the Matuas and Namashudras do not need any citizenship as "they are all citizens of India. Many of them are staying in India for generations and many had come from eastern Bengal 70 years back. So, you are all citizens," she said adding "we are not going to implement NRC and NPR in Bengal."

Banerjee said "the residents of 96 families have been given deeds of rights of the lands. Another 1.5 lakh people who reside in 213 refugee colonies will be given the deed of rights of the lands. The refugee colonies have been regularised. In Nadia, 5000 families will be given the same soon."

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