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Deal to set up units to charge electric vehicles in New Town

Kolkata: New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) has signed an agreement with EECL (Energy Efficiency Services Ltd) for setting up electric vehicle-charging units at eight places in New Town.

"The site and parking area would be given by NKDA while equipment, operations and maintenance would be borne by EESL. A revenue sharing arrangement on number of units of electricity sold to EVs would be implemented," a senior NKDA official said. The eight sites that have been selected are — Car parking area near Tata Medical Centre,NKDA office, Car parking area near Axis Mall, Car parking area near New Town Business Club, Bus terminus near Sukhobrishti, Gate 4 parking area of

Eco Park, parking area near Golf Course and Gate 1 parking area of Eco Park.

A senior NKDA official said that for each electric vehicle-charging stations, up to three charging units would be installed, depending on demand. At each location, one parking lot would be given free for EV charging, others, if any, would have to pay usual parking fees. The charging units will be user friendly, designed to used without operators. These can be operated through apps on one's smart phone.

"The total area in New Town is around 30 sqkm. As per present EV norms there needs to be a charging station at a distance of 3 sq km each. So we need to have two more charging stations after this, to cater to EV norms. We are hopeful of having the infrastructure in a short time " the official added. Already 10 EV charging units have been installed by NKDA and a revenue of Rs 19,450 have been collected from these slow-charging units in last 6 months or so.

"We are encouraging new generation of EV charging stations in New Town which is of utmost importance as we are eyeing Platinum rating from our present Gold Rating," the official said.

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