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Dare the BJP to arrest me, I will ensure TMC wins polls even from jail, says Mamata

Dare the BJP to arrest me, I will ensure TMC wins polls even from jail, says Mamata

Bankura: Trinamool Congress chairperson Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday dared the saffron party to arrest her and asserted she will ensure TMC victory in the ensuing Assembly elections even from the jail.

In her first major political rally since the advent of Covid, Banerjee at Sunukpahari ground on Wednesday gave a clarion call to defeat BJP in Bengal saying that it will come as a major blow for the saffron party even at the national level.

"Whenever election comes, they intimidate Trinamool Congress leaders. Let them arrest me if they have guts and put me behind the bars. I will fight the election from behind the jail and it is my challenge that I will ensure the victory of Trinamool Congress," Banerjee said referring to the recently held BJP Assembly polls in which Lalu Prasad Yadav's RJD gave a tough fight to BJP despite being in jail.

She further said: "Laluji has been put behind the bars. But his party has performed well. They (BJP) won in Bihar through manipulation. It was not out of people's mandate."

Attacking the BJP calling it as a "garbage of lies" and "biggest curse of the nation", Banerjee said: "Bengal is a mark of purity. It does not suit one to continuously spread canard and lies in this land of peace and harmony".

Accusing the BJP of trying to poach TMC MLAs by attempting to bribe them, she said: "I would like to clarify that there are three types of political workers. Left workers are greedy, BJP remains busy in grabbing everything and it is only Trinamool Congress workers who can sacrifice for a better future," Banerjee, without naming anyone said adding that some people are acting as fence-sitters who are under the illusion that the saffron party might come to power in the state "by chance". "But I would like to say that there is neither any chance nor by-chance for BJP to win the elections here. I will ensure it is the Trinamool Congress that returns to power with a huge mandate."

She further said that she is the only observer of all districts, Assembly constituencies and blocks of her party. "Being a worker of the party I will act as the observer for the entire state. I will look after the party with equal responsibility like the way I am looking after the administrative work of the government," Banerjee said adding that she is keeping a tab on each and every aspects of the party.

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