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Cybercrime specialist warns against sharing personal info on internet

Kolkata: Cybercrime specialist Ranjan Chakraborty working with the cybercrime unit of Kolkata police warned the public about the consequences of sharing personal information on social media for the sake of their own security and safety.
"Most cybercrimes are reported related to hacking of data divulged by ignorant/poor users of modern devices such as smart phones," Chakraborty said, addressing a conference on Ethical Hacking at Institute of Engineering and Management in Salt Lake.
He made a mention about the Information Technology Act, which he feels students should know ab out.
He cautioned the public about where and whom they should share their personal information with and advised them to understand the potential of technology and use it wisely.
He gave the audience an idea of what cybercrime is, the seriousness of the offence in which the accused uses a computer and internet to target the victim's personal information, access source codes to get or destroy information. He stressed on the need for creating an awareness for cyber security to
safeguard society.
Riki Tamang of cybercrime branch of Bidhannagar Commissionerate asserted that hacking is happening everywhere. "People should understand that accessing another's personal details without their permission is a crime. One must learn how to use the hacking techniques appropriately or face legal consequences (under Sec 66 of IPC) before he indulges in any kind of computer nuisance," he added.
He also cited the Information Technology Act of 2001, which was specifically announced by the Government of India in accordance with ethical hacking.
He was of the opinion that ethical hacking is good as long as one is sure that it is ethical and used judiciously.
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