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Covid special food menu for home delivery rolled out

Covid special food menu for home delivery rolled out

KOLKATA: At a time when some COVID-19 patients under home isolation are facing difficulties in meeting their food requirements with no support system around, the state Panchayats and Rural Development (P&RD) department has introduced two special food packages for home delivery in Kolkata, Bidhannagar, Rajarhat-New Town, etc at affordable rates.

West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation (CADC) — an autonomous organisation under the P&RD department — will home deliver the items to people availing the services from Friday. While the first pack is an assortment of immunity-boosting food items, the second package comprises nutritious cooked meals rich in protein for Covid patients in home isolation. The delivery area will also cover the stretch from Dakshineshwar to Nabanna.

The doctors have been stressing on immunity boosters to tackle Covid. All CADC products are natural and do not contain any sort of preservatives. "Keeping this in mind, we have tailor made a package costing Rs 350 that includes raw turmeric, ginger, jeera (cumin), peeled garlic, 'akher gur' (sugarcane jaggery), honey, moringa, neem dust, sanitiser (60ml) and mask," a senior CADC official said.

The lunch food platter has brown rice (2 portion), black rice (1 portion), mixed 'dal', mashed boiled vegetables, dumur dalna (fig curry), a light preparation of 'kaanch kola (raw banana curry)/ thor/ mocha,' a curry of soyabean/ paneer/'dhoka'/mushroom, home-made yoghurt/ 'aamer tok', fruit/sprouts salad and veg-stew with bread.

For the non vegetarians, the curry combination of soyabean/paneer will be replaced by chicken or fish curry, the sprout salad will have egg. Chicken-stew will be available instead of the veg-stew. All other items will remain the same. The entire package will come at Rs 350. The menu had been curated in such a manner that it would suffice till dinner.

There is also a customised package of bread with chicken stew, grilled fish, sprouts salad and home made yoghurt available at Rs 250.

Orders can be placed only through WhatsApp 9163123556/9735929413/8170887794/6290255859. CADC already has 1000 customers in its WhatsApp group, who avail vegetables, grocery items, fish and meat. "We have had a turnover of Rs 1.92 crore in the last financial year," Soumyajit Das, Administrative Secretary of CADC said.

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