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Councillor draws demarcation line to keep hawkers at bay

Unique move ensures neither pedestrians nor vehicles are inconvenienced due to presence of hawkers on Paddapukur Rd.

Kolkata: At a time when hawkers encroaching roads acting as a hindrance to the smooth flow of traffic is still a teething problem in most parts of the city, a Councillor in South Kolkata has followed a slow and steady process and has managed to make Paddapukur Road in Bhowanipore wider for vehicles and pedestrians.
On Paddapukur Road, the hawkers on the footpaths have been encroaching the road space in such a way that it became a nightmare for the pedestrians and vehicles.
"I have not evicted any of the hawkers as our party (the Trinamool Congress) is strictly against forcible eviction. I had started the process some eight months back and along with the local police, had drawn a line and urged the hawkers not to cross it. I had warned them that if they do so, the stuff which will be positioned beyond that line will be confiscated. From then on, I had been regularly visiting the place and would request them to move their wares within the demarcated line. They did so in my presence and the next day when I would go, I would see the same sight," Ashim Basu, Councillor of Ward 70 under whose jurisdiction this road falls, said. However, Basu was patient and dealt with each one of them politely. Gradually, many of them stopped encroaching beyond the line.
Recently Bose undertook a drive along with policemen and carried away all the materials of those hawkers that were kept beyond that line.
"The hawkers pleaded with me to return their wares and promised that they would never encroach beyond the line. The move has paid off and believe me, they have kept their promise," Bose said.
Lauding the initiative, comments have poured in on Facebook page of the Councillor who is very much active on social network.
Tejas Mehta, a resident of Bhowanipore, has urged Bose to take strict action on tea stalls at Heysham Road at the corner of Julien Day School where almost the entire footpath has been occupied. Bose has been very prompt and promised to look into the matter.
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