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Cops smell 'outside help' in Kalimpong explosion

Kolkata: An insurgency group from a neighbouring country is suspected to have worked hand-in-gloves with agitators in the Hills to carry out the blasts at Kalimpong that claimed one life leaving three others injured, preliminary investigation revealed.
Sources in the state police said that hand-made grenades, which were of high intensity, had exploded. Moreover, the explosives were fitted with timers.
According to a police officer, such explosives were used earlier as well but those were not of such high density as some pieces of explosives were found at a distance of 40 metre from the spot where the explosion had taken place.
The police feel that carrying out such an operation and using such high intensity explosives is not possible without proper training. It is learnt that the investigating officers are suspecting that the insurgency group had trained some youth to carry out such "operations" and the same youth were involved in the blast those took place in Kalimpong.
It may be recalled that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had also said that the agitators were getting support from outside the country to continue with the unrest in the Hills.
Again, a report of a state intelligence agency after a month of agitation in the Hills since June 8 had also stated that Maoists from a neighbouring country were supporting the agitators in Darjeeling to create violence in the Hills. It was also stated in the report that the support has been extended to aggravate the situation in the Hills and there were also plans to attack some senior officers.
Police suspect that Saturday night's attack could be a part of the same plan about which the state intelligence agency had mentioned in its report in mid-July. There were two blasts in Kalimpong at a gap of an hour on Saturday night and police are quite confirm that it is not possible to carry out such an operation without chalking out a proper plan. But the plan that was fetched didn't work well or else it could have led to more damages.
Explosions in Kalimpong on Saturday night have once again brought to light the alleged connection between the agitators and insurgency groups from "outside the country".
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