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Cops save errant biker after mishap while evading naka-checking

Kolkata: Days after a policeman was injured while intercepting an errant biker, two youths met with an accident at Moulali crossing on Tuesday night, while trying to evade naka-checking.

According to sources, on Tuesday night traffic police personnel from Sealdah traffic guard were conducting naka-checking. At around 11 pm, police saw two youths on a bike coming from Sealdah towards Moulali crossing.

When the bike got near the police, the rider noticed that checking was in progress. Seeing police trying to stop him, the biker then reportedly tried to take a left turn to avail CIT Road.

However, he lost balance after the front wheel went over the slippery tram track and fell on the road. Behind the bike, there was a taxi, which was going towards Mallik Bazar. Seeing the two youths fall,

the driver applied sudden

brake and was able to stop the taxi.

But situation turned worse after a goods vehicle, which was coming behind the taxi, failed stop in time and rammed into the back of the taxi. Due to the impact, the taxi started moving and it hit the bike and the two youths.

Seeing the collision, one of the police personnel dragged away a youth who was close to the taxi.

Later, both the youths were detained and the bike was temporarily seized. Later, the rider was prosecuted for dangerous driving and driving without helmet and released as per the provisions of the law.

On Monday night, a traffic police constable was seriously injured while intercepting

an errant biker riding without a helmet. The police-

man identified as Tapan Oraon had tried to stop the two-wheeler by holding onto the grab rail.

Seeing Oraon trying to detain him, the errant biker increased the speed all of a sudden, due to which Oraon lost balance, fell on the road and received multiple injuries.

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