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Cops return toddler lost in Park Street to parents

Kolkata: Alertness of Kolkata Police helped a three-year-old boy return to his parents within one and a half hours after he went missing at the crowded Park Street on Sunday evening. It was when everyone was busy at Park Street in the evening ahead of Christmas, when the boy was lost and couldn't find his parents.
He went to Park Street along with his father and mother. Jian Ghosh was too small to even seek help from someone to get back to his parents. It was the policemen, who were maintaining a vigil to avoid any untoward incident in Park Street, who found the boy standing on a pavement all alone. The appearance of the boy made the police apprehend that he had been lost in the crowd.
The boy burst into tears when he found the policemen approaching him. He was taken to the Police Assistance Booth and the policemen present at the place asked him to tell his name and other details of his house.
Initially, he was so traumatised that he couldn't speak properly. So without delaying much, the police started making announcements through the public addressing system that they had found a boy who had been lost in the crowd.
His parents were also searching for him at different places in Park Street when they heard the announcement and they ran towards the police assistance booth.
The boy's parents broke into tears when they found him sitting safely on the lap of a policeman at the Police Assistance Booth. They expressed their gratitude to the police for ensuring the safety and security of the boy.
After the incident, the police started announcing to urge the people to write name, contact number and address of the children and to place it in their pockets so that police can easily identify them if they get lost.

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