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Cops get one more lead in Pamela Goswami drug case

Cops get one more lead in Pamela Goswami drug case

Kolkata: In a sensational revelation in BJP youth leader Pamela Goswami drug haul case, police have got hold of video footage showing repeated visits of a person—against whom the party youth leader had alleged of keeping cocaine in her car—to the house of BJP leader Rakesh Singh.

According to sources, police have found the person visiting the house of Singh at Ekbalpore on three consecutive days. The first time he was found visiting was the day ahead of Goswami's arrest. He visited the house on the day she was arrested and the day after Goswami was held from New Alipore on February 20.

Though the police have not disclosed the name of the person, sources said that it is the same person against whom Pamela had raised allegations of keeping cocaine in her car. The person, who got identified through the video footage, is still at large.

The police are trying to get hold of him and he would also be interrogated in front of Singh, who is at present in the custody of police.

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