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Convention to be held in city to spread awareness on cruelty against animals

Kolkata: The state animal welfare board, which works under the Animal Resources department, is all set to organise a national convention in the city, in collaboration with the CSPCA, Asia's second animal hospital, to spread awareness on cruelties against animals.
The CSPCA, situated on B B Ganguly Street, has been instrumental in organising the convention as the nodal agency of the department, where people from various walks of life and school students would be made aware of cruelties against animals which often take place on the city's streets as well as the districts. It also looked into how to implement the Cruelty against Animals Act in a better way.
Superintendent of the CSPCA Dr Samir Shil said that through the Animal Resources department, they would urge the Centre to formulate a policy to set up an "Animal Rights Commission," so that animal related issues could be addressed in a better way.
The main purpose behind forming an animal rights commission is to check the incidents of cruelties on animals, which are often reported from various corners of the state. In most of the cases, steps cannot be taken by the police, who are already overburdened with various cases. The accused, who beat up animals, inflict pain on animals, pets or street dogs, often walk away free after committing the crime, said Dr Shil.
It was learnt that there are plans to organise the event in the city in April, the venue of which is yet to be fixed. It would see a huge participation by people from various parts from the country, where the policy for setting up the animal rights commission can be formulated, so that stringent action can be taken against those who torture animals.
According to Dr Shil, once an animal rights commission is set up, there will be a more stringent mechanism to prosecute those who inflict injuries on street dogs and other animals. Due to the lack of a proper mechanism, people get away with their crime. The police stations are often reluctant to register any complaint under Cruelty To Animal Act, as they are already overburdened with cases.
Senior police officers of Lalbazar would be requested to take part in the convention, so that they issue instructions to the police stations to take steps on cruelties against animals. During the convention, people would be made aware about how to check such incidents and implement the existing law, protecting the animals.
Mass awareness campaigns would be organised in the schools under the jurisdiction of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, making them aware about the issue of abuse of animals. Books will be published in different languages to spread awareness. CSPCA will also join hands with the Humane Society International to carry out the campaign.

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