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Confusion over Maa Flyover's Garia-bound ramp closure leads to huge traffic congestion

Kolkata: The Garia-bound ramp of Maa Flyover has been closed from Tuesday for necessary maintenance work. As a result of the closure, huge traffic congestion occurred during peak hours on Tuesday. The ramp will be closed till April 26.

According to sources, the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) had inspected Maa Flyover earlier. After observation, KMDA officials decided to renovate the Garia-bound ramp. After taking necessary steps, KMDA authorities informed Kolkata Police of their decision, requesting closure of vehicular movement on the ramp.

As per the request, police closed the said ramp for vehicular traffic from Tuesday. Ruby and Garia-bound commuters have been requested by Kolkata Police to avail the Park Circus Connector to reach Eastern Metropolitan (EM) Bypass at Parama Island and then to take a right turn.

But on Tuesday morning, the situation turned problematic as the maximum number of Garia-bound vehicles took the Chingrihata-bound ramp to avail EM Bypass. The vehicles then took a U-turn from Metropolitan crossing to avail the Garia-bound lane.

As the volume of vehicles increased all of a sudden, huge traffic congestion occurred during office hours. Traffic police personnel tried their best to clear the congestion but failed as a huge number of vehicles were taking U-turn.

Sources informed that as it was the first day of the diversion, many of the commuters had no idea about it. Though several signs were already put up intimating the closure of the said ramp of Maa Flyover, most commuters were unaware of it.

According to a senior official, after the huge traffic congestion police are looking for better ways to deal with the problem. Pandey Santosh, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Traffic of Kolkata Police, said: "As it was the first day, drivers and commuters had no idea or information about the closure of the Garia-bound ramp on Maa Flyover. We have put up several signage boards intimating the same and have advised people to avail the Park Circus Connector instead. We will wait for another day. If the same situation occurs, necessary diversions will be implemented."

According to sources, if Tuesday's situation persists, Kolkata Police may stop vehicular movement from Park Circus on Maa Flyover altogether, until completion of the work.

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