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CM's new book to highlight BJP's anti-democracy moves

CMs new book to highlight BJPs anti-democracy moves

KOLKATA: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's new book— which will be launched in the book fair this year— will highlight how BJP is trying to destroy the fundamental fabric of democracy by violating the Constitution

Sources in the TMC said our Constitution is under attack during the majoritarian, patriarchal and fascistic regime of the BJP government. "The book will highlight how the Constitution was violated during various incidents," they added.

"Article 1 of the Constitution describes India as a 'Union of States'. The 'Union of States' was not an expression of mere political unity between different geographical units. But, it is beyond that. The 'Union of States' was envisioned to become a union of people, who belong to different geographical and cultural regions. It aimed to unite them in a secular, democratic and republic nation, while protecting cultural, linguistic, religious and regional diversities," senior TMC leaders said.

"However, the recent attack on the autonomy of Kashmir, abrogation of Article 370 and the bifurcation of its territory into two separate Union Territories with total disregard to the Kashmiri opinion were acts of aggression against the unity of people and violated the principles of Federalism," the leaders added.

The book will also highlight how BJP is trying to destroy the rich culture of India. The book will also highlight the issues of mob lynching in various parts of the state and the attack on the Dalits and minorities.

Last year, the book titled 'Why We Are Saying NO to NRC, NPR and CAA?' emerged as the top selling book. All 13 books penned by the Chief Minister received an overwhelming response at the fair last year.

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