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Class XI student beaten up by fellow classmate, teachers mull ouster

Kolkata: In a bizarre incident, a Class XI student from a high school in Jalpaiguri was beaten up badly by his classmate inside the classroom.
The victim has received serious injury on his head and other parts of his body and is under medication. The school authority has decided to transfer the accused as a senior official of the schools said that they no longer want the accused to remain in the school especially after what he has done. The school authorities did not, however, divulge the names of the victim and the accused.
It has been learnt that the accused, also a student of Class XI, had hit the victim with a puncher after taking him to an empty classroom. The accused hit the victim with the puncher on his head and other parts of his body. The accused claimed that he attacked the victim after the latter proposed his girlfriend. The victim, however, denied any such incident.
After hearing the screams of the victim, other students rushed to the spot and found the victim with a bleeding head. Some of the teachers also rushed to the spot. The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital by the teachers. The victim had a deep injury on his head.
Some of the school students have alleged that the accused often comes to the school with a puncher or a knife and other instruments. A question here rises why the school authorities did not take a step against the accused earlier.
The school authorities, however, claimed that they did not know about the incident. A senior official of the school said that they decided to transfer the accused student.
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