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CID arrests three involved in cloning ATM cards

Kolkata: The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested three persons who were from Haryana who were involved in cloning the ATM cards.
There were arrested from Chakdah in Nadia. The police suspect that the accused might have cloned around 40-50 ATM cards. The investigators came to know that the accused used to install skimmers and cameras on the ATM machine to clone the ATM cards that were used by the customers. Police came to know important information from the Dehradun Police about the whereabouts of the accused. They also came to know that many other persons have been involved in the racket whose job is to install skimmers at various ATM machines in the state.
Police said that if skimmers and cameras are installed at an ATM machine, it is easy to clone the ATM cards. Police suspect that the accused have carried out 40-50 operations in the state.
Police said that as a customer provides the pin number after swiping his or her ATM card in a ATM machine that has been fitted with a skimmer, the information relating to his or her ATM card would get copied automatically.
The accused used to install pin hole cameras on the key board too. The accused used to make duplicate ATM cards and used to siphon off money from the accounts of customers. In the course of investigation, police suspect that the 5-6-member team used to visit the state from Haryana from time to time.
Police came to know that the accused might have visited Murshidabad, Nadia and some other adjoining districts. As per the information, the policemen were maintaining a tight vigil in the districts and arrested the accused from Nadia.
Police have also seized a car carrying the number plate of Haryana. Police have started a detailed probe in this regard.
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