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CESC to give guidelines to consumers on electrical safety

Kolkata: CESC will soon give guidelines to nearly 3.5 million of its consumers on electrical safety. A CESC spokesperson said the monsoon usually is the worst time from the point of view of electrical dangers. The company has therefore drawn up a list of dos and don'ts.

The users have been advised not to touch electrical switches and appliances with wet hands.

Using mobile phones while charging is also a dangerous practice. During heavy rains and lightning, it is safer to switch off electrical appliances and unplug them from the wall socket. Everybody has been advised to avoid touching dangling conductors or wires.

Out of home, citizens have been advised to avoid close proximity to electrical poles, stray wires or electrical distribution boxes during rains. It is equally dangerous to touch loose/bare wires and electrical equipment out of home.

Some of the electrical fires at the workplace are caused when people forget to switch off ACs or other electrical equipment when not in use. For any emergency in CESC areas, citizens have been advised to call 1912/18605001912/44031912.

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