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'Centre owes state Rs 85,720 crore under various schemes, funds'

Centre owes state Rs 85,720 crore under various schemes, funds

Kolkata: Slamming the BJP for spreading violence and destroying the country's federal structure, Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Dr Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, on Tuesday, claimed that the Central government owes Rs 85,720 crore to the state government. The MP also alleged that the Central government is misusing its constitutional powers to keep the states deprived of their funds or dues. Dubbing the BJP-led government as fraud and corrupt, the leader highlighted the specific funds that the state is yet to receive from the Centre. She said that the TMC would not tolerate such discriminations.

She urged people to raise their voice against the anti-people, anti-farmer Central government. Ghosh Dastidar was addressing a press conference at Trinamool Bhavan on Tuesday afternoon.

She said: "At a time when the outsiders are giving false statics to confuse the people, they should know the real picture before uttering a single word."

She said the Centre has not given Rs 14, 520 crore under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and another Rs 970 crore under the Samagra Shiksha Mission. It has not given Rs 233 crore for mid day meal along with Rs 275 crore under the Swatch Bharat Mission. The state government is yet to receive Rs 631 crore for the schemes under the Mahatma Gandhi national Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme. It also has not given money worth Rs 254 crore for the AMRUT project and another Rs 188 crore for the development of infrastructure during the exchange of enclaves.

She alleged that the Centre has not given Rs 2,330 crore due for building roads off the Indo Bangladesh Border under the BRGF scheme. Performance grant and basic grant worth Rs 1,017 crore and Rs 438 crore have not yet been given to the state government. For drainage and flood management and schemes under the Irrigation and Waterways, funds worth Rs 1,238 crore and Rs 382 crore have not reached the state government. The Centre has not given dues worth Rs 6,334 crore for restoration of damage under cyclone Bul Bul. Also, it has not released funds worth Rs 3,942 for the centrally sponsored schemes. Rs 405 crore and Rs 358 crore are due under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana scheme and Health Welfare Scheme taking the total to Rs 33, 515 crore.

In addition to the above dues, the Centre has not given Rs 32, 310 crore which is due for the restoration of destruction caused by the cyclone Amphan. GST compensation worth Rs 8894 crore has not been paid as yet along with non payment of Rs 11,000 crore under less devolution head in 2019- 20, taking the total financial deprivation to Rs 85, 720 crore.

She said: "The way the farmers were denied entry to Delhi after the Centre dug up the roads ,spraying of cold winter on the agitating farmers during winter all show how insensitive the Central government is. It is an anti people, anti farmer government."

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