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Centre not dispersing funds under PM-Kisan scheme: CM

Centre not dispersing funds under PM-Kisan scheme: CM

Kalna: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee alleged that the BJP-led government at the Centre was not disbursing funds under the PM-Kisan scheme to peasants in the state despite the Trinamool Congress (TMC) administration having sent the verified names of farmers to it.

Inaugurating a festival at Mati Tirtha here on Tuesday afternoon, Banerjee also urged the farmers not to give their produce to the big capitalists and hoarders who are BJP's best friends and thwart their attempt to rob people.

She said: "The big capitalists and hoarders will take away everything from the farmers and store them in their fort-like warehouses and when needed they will sell the produce of the farmers at a premium."

Accusing the BJP of falsely claiming that she is denying funds to the farmers, the CM said that TMC government in the state is giving Rs 5,000 each to peasants and has also arranged for free crop insurance.

The TMC supremo addressing a public rally at Kalna in Purba Barddhaman district said peasants are facing atrocities during their agitation outside Delhi against the new farm laws.

She claimed that her government has provided assistance to all farmers in Bengal and peasants in the state are better off than their brethren in many other states.

"The new farm laws must be repealed and our support for the agitation will continue till that is achieved," she said.

Slamming the BJP Banerjee said: "It is systematically ignoring Bengal."

Citing an example she said though Bengal is the largest producer of rice in the country, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) had procured only 76,000 metric ton of rice from Bengal whereas it had purchased more rice from other states whose produce is far less than that of Bengal.

She said: "FCI had procured 71 lakh MT of rice from Uttar Pradesh, 64 lakh MT of rice from Haryana and 82 lakh MT of rice from Andhra Pradesh. From Telangana and Punjab, it had procured 111 lakh MT and 162 lakh MT respectively."

Banerjee reiterated that the living condition of the farmers was far better in Bengal. Their income has gone up three times. It is Rs 2.90 lakh per annum now, against Rs 90,000 per annum in 2011 when Trinamool came to power.

The Chief Minister said that the state government was paying the premium of the crop insurance and the next of kin of the farmers aged between 18 years and 60 years who die receive Rs 2 lakh as compensation.

The state government had procured 2.5 crore metric tons of rice from the farmers under 'Dhaan din cheque nin' (give rice and take your cheque) scheme.

She said from June the farmers will get Rs 6,000 for one acre of land and small farmers will get Rs 3,000 for their land. Banerjee reiterated that even after June ration will be given free of cost.

"The state government is always there for the people; the schemes have been made in such a way that they cover individuals from their birth to death. We want the people of Bengal should live happily and peacefully and get two square meals a day," stated the Chief Minister.

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