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'Centre indulging in divisive politics'

Kolkata: State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister Firhad Hakim on Monday criticised the BJP government's role in the Centre for allegedly practising divisive politics.
Addressing a seminar on Minorities' Rights Day, the minister said: "The Centre is not doing its duties for the Minorities and is trying to instigate them to clash with the others. If we recollect the history of India, we will find that it is the majority who have fought for the rights of the Minorities in this country. Being citizens of the same country if a minority is my brother then a majority too. We will live together and there should be no divisions."
Hakim stated that he believed it was Ramkrishna Paramhansa who had been the best example of secularism in the country. "Vivekananda, Nazrul Islam, Rabindranath Tagore have shown us the way and there will be no divisions among religious communities in Bengal. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is the flag bearer of secularism in our state," he reiterated.
He cited examples of the Godhra carnage and the Bombay riots as attempts to break the pillar of secularism in the country and reminded the Minorities that governments are temporary that will come and go but their rights in the country will remain protected in the hands of the majority.
Taking a cue from Hakim, Minister of State for Mass Education Siddiqullah Chowdhury urged the West Bengal Minority Commission to organise seminars across the state and bring out a booklet every year on the work done by the Commission.
"You have to reach more and more people so that commoners become aware of the work that you do.
This will strengthen the relationship between different minority
communities and fight for your rights will be strengthened," Siddiqullah added.
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