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Centenary Hosp of SMP to get O2 tank

KOLKATA: A liquid oxygen tank is being installed on the premises of the Centenary Hospital of Syama Prasad Mookherjee Port (SMP) at Majerhat.

At present, the oxygen requirement at Centenary Hospital has increased tremendously because of the pandemic.

"We used to consume about 10 jumbo oxygen cylinders a day and that has gone up to about 80 a day. This means that the tank cylinders have to be refilled on a daily basis and can be difficult when the supply is limited. The SMP had contacted Linde and the company had offered to set up a 3KL (3000 litres) liquid oxygen tank on the hospital premises. This should fulfill the oxygen demand of the hospital for about 20 to 30 days. The tank will be filled up by the liquid oxygen tankers of Linde as and when required," a senior SMP official said. The Centenary Hospital has 130 Covid beds (2 beds with a ventilator and 5 beds with HFNO machines.) About 93 patients are presently admitted to the hospital. At least 100 beds would be equipped with oxygen after setting up the oxygen tank. Besides this, there are l58 beds in Covid Ashram-I and Covid Ashram-II at Remount Road, Alipore where there are at least 12 patients presently.

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