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Celebs lash out at minor's sexual assault, child safety under scanner

Kolkata: A four-year-old's traumatic sexual assault on the premises of a reputed private school in South Kolkata has led city doyens to rethink the definition of what an educational institute should be and to ponder how secure are Kolkata's minors filling up their rank and file.
Shocked by the incident, noted film director Aparna Sen said that sexual assault of any child is unacceptable and outrageous and that the school must bear responsibility of the incident.
"Why was no CCTV installed in the school premises? Why was there no attendant in the washroom for little kids? My heart goes out to the small child who is going through this trauma at the moment. Even I have daughters and I shudder to think of something similar happening to them. The guilty must be found and after investigation, the strictest punishment must be meted out to them".
For acclaimed Bengali actor Rituparna Sengupta, such criminal incidents are becoming rampant in Kolkata and the rest of India.
"I condemn this gruesome incident strongly. It happened to someone
I know a while ago. The child can never completely forget the brutality and it must be so traumatic for her. And what are we actually doing to prevent such crimes? There must be exemplary punishment for the guilty. That hardly happens. Even in the Nirbhaya case, there was so much debate," she rued.
Filmmaker Goutam Ghose was stunned when Millennium Post first broke the news to him. "This is unbelievable. What is happening to our society? All human values have been commodified and everything is measured in terms of gain and loss. Our moral values are collapsing, so we must find a way to the spreading of positive values and vibes in society. I shudder to think that an educational institute is sending out a horrible message like this to the world around".
Theatre personality Usha Ganguly said: "The mind set of people is not changing at all. There is no sex education in schools, no safety for our children, no emotion, no respect between humans. What education are we spreading? The school has no CCTV. The principal is trying to hide the guilty in order to save the name of the school. There are loopholes in the law itself. Where are we headed after all?".
Dance exponent Mamata Shankar was at loss of words. "I'm completely shocked by this incident. I think the guilty must be mutiliated and hanged in public like they do in some cases in the Middle Eastern countries so that nobody will ever dare do such a heinous thing in the future. But again I'm scared that people have become so perverted that they won't even hesitate to take selfies with the hanged," she said.
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