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CBI asks Enamul Haque to stay in home isolation after he tests +ve

CBI asks Enamul Haque to stay in home isolation after he tests +ve

Kolkata: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has instructed Enamul Haque, prime accused of cattle smuggling case, to stay in home

isolation and then appear before the investigating officials on Monday.

According to sources, after Haque was arrested from Delhi on Friday, he was produced at the Special CBI Court there. After the hearing Haque was granted conditional bail on health grounds. He was instructed to surrender before the CBI at Nizam Palace by Monday 12 pm.

On Monday Haque arrived at the Nizam Palace and claimed that he has been tested Covid positive. Haque told a CBI officer over the phone and informed about it. But he failed to produce the Covid positive report when the CBI asked for it. Few minutes later Haque was told that if he cannot produce the report then he must surrender himself. As per the instruction, Haque surrendered himself before the CBI officials. Sources informed that he was taken to ID Hospital later for Covid test. In the evening, tested positive, CBI instructed Haque to stay in home isolation. He would be under scanner.

After completion of 14 days, if tests Covid negative, then Haque must appear before the CBI. The central agency

may take him in their custody as soon as Haque tests Covid negative.

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