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Calcutta Medical College authorities in dire straits over cracks in MCH building

Kolkata: The MCH building of the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital has developed cracks in some portions, which has been a major cause of concern for the hospital authorities.

The incident has also triggered fear among the patients who are admitted to various departments housed in the building. It has been learnt that four pillars of the iconic building have developed cracks which are gradually becoming wider. The hospital authorities are also concerned over the security of the patients.

The MCH building of the hospital houses various important departments including the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and around 300 patients are undergoing treatment in the building. The hospital authorities have already informed the matter to the state Public Works Department (PWD).

Some of the local residents alleged that the building might have developed cracks following construction work that had been undertaken on the adjacent land for setting up an 11-storey superspecialty cancer centre. The local residents also alleged that adequate preventive measures were not taken while digging up soil on the adjacent land, where the proposed cancer centre would come up.

It has also been learnt that the building first developed cracks a few days ago, following which some repair works were also carried out. A mixture of chemical and cement was poured on the cracks.

When the issue was spotted, the construction of the cancer centre was put on hold. After the initial cracks were filled up, the digging up of a 40 feet ditch at the construction site was begun by the PWD.

The hospital authorities have recently found out that some more cracks have appeared in the heritage building and the cracks are gradually getting bigger in size.

A senior hospital official said that they were concerned over the security of the patients and the matter has already been informed to the PWD.

The MCH building was set up during the British era in 1835 and it is the oldest medical college in Asia. It has a glorious history as a teaching hospital and has produced many top doctors in the country.

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