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Bust of Raja Subodh Mallik inaugurated in city

Kolkata: A bust of Raja Subodh Mallik was inaugurated on Friday by local MLA Nayna Bandyopadhyay and Member, Mayor-in-Council (Parks and Gardens) Debasish Kumar at Subodh Mallik Square in Central Kolkata on Friday to commemorate the occasion of his 139th birth anniversary.
"This park had been named after Subodh Mallik, but there was no bust or statue of the noted Bengali Indian Industrialist, Philanthropist and nationalist. As soon as the fact was brought to my notice by the Borough VI chairman Sanchita Mondai, I gave her the nod to make the bust," Kumar said.
Remembering Mallik for his financing of Sri Aurobindo's nationalist publications including Bande Mataram, Kumar said that the maintenance of the bust should be the responsibility of not only the civic body but the people of the area.
MLA Nayna Bandyoapadhyay urged the people of the area to spread knowledge about Mallik's contributions in freedom struggle to the adjacent wards, particularly among the youths. She also lamented the fact that the practice of honouring great personalities had been waning during the erstwhile Left Front rule in the state.
"Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, immediately after coming to power, had said that people in the state should respect the great men. She had brought back this culture of paying homage to those whose contribution matters," Bandopadhyay said.
Kunal Basu Mallik, who is the grandson of Subodh Mallik, regretted the fact that his grandfather's house close to the park is in a wretched condition and needs repair. "I will urge KMC to take responsibility of repairing the house," he said.
Mallik is noted as a nationalist intellectual, who was one the co-founders of the Bengal National College, of which he was the principal financial supporter.

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