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Burdwan youth found in pool of blood at home

Kolkata: A youth was murdered in his home at Kanchannagar in Burdwan. It is suspected that his elder brother and his wife had committed the crime as both of them are missing.

According to sources, the youth identified as Bijoy Pandit (24) used to live with his mother Malati Pandit at their house in Bhatchhala area. His elder brother Dilip and his wife Nilam live in another house close to that area known as Lichubagan with their child.

Bijoy was supposed to get married in two weeks. It was decided that following his marriage Bijoy will also stay at their Lichubagan house which would be divided between two brothers. With this issue of partition relation between Dilip and Bijoy turned sour.

Malati stated that on Friday evening that Dilip's son had came to visit her. At night Dilip came there and asked Bijoy to give them a ride to his home in Lichubagan on a two-wheeler owned by Bijoy. When Bijoy did not return after 9pm, Malati went to Lichubagan looking for her younger son. But despite she called Dilip repeatedly, none responded. Later, she sought help from some local residents, who climbed up on the wall and saw Bijoy was lying in a pool of blood inside and there were no trace of Dilip and Nilam.

Immediately, the police was informed. According to sources, signs of multiple stab injuries were seen on Bijoy's body. It is suspected that he has been murdered over some personal dispute. Local residents stated to the police that on Friday night they heard noises of altercation inside the house.

Since it was almost a daily matter, no one paid heed to them. After sending the body for autopsy examination, sleuths questioned Malati. During the questioning several ambiguities was found in her statement. Sleuths suspect that Malati might be hiding something which can solve the case.

The police are trying to find Dilip and his wife to know what exactly happened on Friday night.

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