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Brother-in-law, husband held for rape, assault on woman

Brother-in-law, husband held for rape, assault on woman

Kolkata: The husband of a 32-year-old woman and her elder brother-in-law were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly raping and assaulting her in Nadial.

According to sources, the woman was married to the accused during December in 2008. Few months after the marriage, her in-laws demanded more dowry.

The victim alleged that her husband and elder brother-in-law tortured her mentally and physically for dowry.

She also alleged that she was raped by her elder brother-in-law several times and threatened of facing dire consequences if she revealed it to anyone.

Initially, the woman did not tell anybody. But, a few months later she informed her husband.

Surprisingly, her husband did not take any step and assaulted his wife.

Having no other options, she kept living with her in-laws for the sake of her two minor daughters.

During June last year, the woman was compelled to leave the house along with her daughters. When she and her family members tried to talk with the husband, he reportedly refused her.

Recently, the woman lodged a complaint with Nadial police against the accused.

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