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Brawl over IPL match: Friend hacks off pal's wrist

A youth chopped off his friend's wrist with a sickle reportedly after a brawl over IPL match on Friday night at Malda district's Puratuli-Sadarghat. Police learnt that the assailant wanted to behead his friend but the victim tried to stop him with his hands and thus, he lost his right wrist. The accused soon fled from the spot as the investigators started raiding to arrest him.

The victim was screaming in pain as the other friends took him to Malda Medical College and Hospital. They carried the chopped off wrist in a plastic bag to the operation theatre but the doctors could not attach the hacked off body part.

The investigators revealed that victim Sanjoy Chaudhury, who is better known as Bampa in his locality, involved in an altercation with his long-time friend Biswa Ghosh over an IPL match. The verbal altercation turned to a face-to-face fight and then Ghosh left the spot.

But after sometime, Ghosh returned there with a sickle and attacked his friend. Chaudhury tried to resist him with his hands but lost his wrist as the assailant hacked him from a close distance.

"The altercation started during an IPL match where cricket was the ultimate point of conflict as two friends started fighting with each other. Ghosh was so angry that he threatened Chaudhury to kill and left the room in a hurry," said an eye-witness of the incident.

"Brandishing his sharp weapon, Ghosh held the shirt's collar of Chaudhury and tried to behead him. Chaudhury managed to save his life
but could not save the wrist," he added.

Police started investigation on the basis of the complaint lodged by the mother of the victim, Jharna Chaudhury. The investigators revealed
that some youth were assembled at a place to enjoy IPL match together.

Ghosh and Chaudhury were sitting beside each other but suddenly started to altercate. Other friends tried hard to stop them from fighting but they could not control them.
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