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BJP will not get even 50 seats, many will lose their election deposit, predicts Mamata

BJP will not get even 50 seats, many will   lose their election deposit, predicts Mamata

Amta: Confident of her party's victory in the ongoing polls, Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee — taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi — stating that "BJP will not get even 50 seats" wondered whether Modi is "god or a superhuman" to make claims of BJP's triumph and said that he would not even be invited in the oath-taking ceremony of her government for third consecutive term as his presence brings back nightmare of bloodshed due to riots.

"Everyone knows who will throw whom out (in this election). Knowing well that BJP has lost the match, he (Modi) is now trying to distract people claiming of attending their oath-taking ceremony here. I would like to say that we will not invite you the Prime Minister as your hands are tainted with blood and your presence brings back memories of bloodshed as results of riots," Banerjee said taking a cue from Modi's statement in Saturday's public meeting at Tarakeswar in Hooghly.

She maintained: "Only two phases of elections have taken place and they are claiming of winning the election. Is he a god that he (Modi) knows the poll results? Let them first secure 50 seats only then they will think of 294 and not a single Mi Jafar (defectors) will win. If I have Bengal's blood in my body, I will never let the state turn into a riot-torn Gujarat."

"Hands of these leaders are stained with blood as they have killed people in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. They have turned 14 lakh Bengalis homeless in Assam in the name of NRC and CAA," she said.

She also stated that many of the BJP's candidates will lose their election deposit this time.

In the same breath she criticised Modi, being the Prime Minister, for giving directions to state's officers "showing a backseat to the Constitution" as she is entitled to give them necessary directions to the officers being the state's sitting Chief Minister. "He was giving directions to state's officers. Again, he is sometimes dressing like Rabindranath Tagore and sometimes like Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Is it not an act of an insane person? Because of an Opposition party like Congress, he had got the space to become the Prime Minister. He had killed his own jawans at Pulwama just to get political mileage (ahead of the last Lok Sabha polls)," she said.

Banerjee also took a jibe at the Election Commission (EC), Central Force and section of police officers, while addressing five back-to-back rallies, saying that there are some officers who are not performing their duty impartially considering it will fetch them good posting and promotion. "But they have mistaken. All these are just for a month. Some may wish to get posting in Home Ministry considering the state government to be poor. But one with ears and eyes open can easily understand the outcome of the election and the huge gathering in our meetings is a hint. Again, they must not forget how they (BJP-led Centre) had thrown out 125 IPS and IAS officers," she remarked.

Making a sensational allegation, Banerjee said that she was told by a presiding officer of a booth at Sunderbans that some Central Force personnel had urged to give them a written order of firing. "Just think of their audacity. Law and order is a state subject. It is not under Modi and Shah," she said.

Reacting to the role of the EC, Banerjee said: "I have never seen such an election. This is election or BJP's selection. I am a senior politician in the country. I would urge people to welcome them (Central force) as our guest. But we would lodge FIRs if there is any excess. We have lodged 63 complaints in connection with Nandigram (with the EC). I know we will not get justice. But I am sure of getting justice from the people of the state. At the same time, we would also move the court in this regard."

With the campaign for the third phase of the poll ending on Sunday, she said: "I would like to alert people saying that 48 hours before the day of election is very crucial as BJP's goons from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in uniform of police would raid your house to terrorise voters. Our youths should not confront them. They should inform our mothers and sisters who will this time give a befitting reply to "outsider gang" of Modi and Shah."

Expressing her grief in the recent attack on soldiers in Chhattisgarh, Mamata Banerjee said: "Deeply grieved at the dastardly attack on our soldiers in Chhattisgarh. My heartfelt condolences to the families of those martyred in the line of duty. I salute the supreme sacrifice made for the nation by these brave-hearts. Prayers for the speedy recovery of those injured."

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