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BJP wants to malign Bengal and deprive state of its dues: Abhishek

BJP wants to malign Bengal and deprive state of its dues: Abhishek

Patharpratima/Gosaba(South 24-Parganas): The sole purpose of the saffron party was to malign Bengal and deprive the state of its dues, said president of Trinamool Youth Congress Abhishek Banerjee on Tuesday while addressing a rally at Patharpratima.

Earlier, addressing another rally at Gosaba Banerjee took a swipe at Union Home minister Amit Shah's promise of allocating Rs 2 lakh crore for development of Sunderbans if voted to

power. "They (BJP) had said they would spend Rs 2 lakh crore for development of Sundrebans and make it a separate district. It has become their habit to spread 'jumla' promises. While making fake promises, they are citing 1 crore as 1 lakh crore. If they make Sunderbans a district, there will be 24 districts in the state. If they spend Rs 2 lakh crore for Sunderbans, then for all

districts they will have to spend Rs 48 lakh crore if they come to power. So, I dare the

Home Minister to send Rs 5 lakh to the accounts of all people in Bengal (with 10 crore population)" Banerjee said, adding it was impossible for any party to dole out such huge amounts.

He reminded how the BJP had not fulfilled its promise of giving Rs 15 lakh to the bank accounts of every citizen of the country.

At Patharpratima, Banerjee accused the BJP-led Centre of not giving Bengal its dues from GST. "The leaders who come to Bengal with a dream of creating sonar Bangla should give the money first before making tall promises."

Accusing Modi of maintaining "double standard", Banerjee said: "He criticises Trinamool for raising the slogan Joy Bangla, but himself said this in Bangladesh to win the hearts of the people. Being the Prime Minister, he should give up the double

standard." Banerjee also alleged that BJP was distributing anything between Rs 500 and Rs 2000 to buy votes. "Take the money as it is your money and then cast the vote in favour of Trinamool to defeat their candidate," he said.

Banerjee urged people "to speak the language which BJP understands." "From 2014, the BJP leaders have been uttering lies and making false promises. Don't trust these liars," he remarked. He said the BJP leaders were asking for votes after increasing the prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas. "In BJP-ruled states, atrocities were being inflicted upon women, dalits tortured and unemployment was mounting. They have no guts to fight election on the basis of development", he maintained.

He said after the Trinamool Congress (TMC) government would be set up for the third consecutive time, the people from all walks of life including the students, women and farmers would be benefitted. "The students will get loans upto Rs 10 lakh at 4 per cent interest. The farmers will get Rs 10,000 per acre of land under Krishak Bandhu scheme. Mamata Banerjee does not lie like the BJP, she will keep her promises and ensure further development in Bengal," he added.

They have no guts to fight election on the basis of development", he maintained.

Banerjee claimed while the prices of essential commodities and fuel increased after BJP came to power, Mamata Banerjee always worked for people's welfare. "In the past 10 years, Mamata Banerjee didn't even increase 10 paisa in the taxes so that people aren't overburdened," he added.

Drawing comparison with Bengal, Banerjee asked people attending the rally if they could name one single BJP-ruled state where education and health was free for people? He claimed that the people of Bengal had broken the hands of BJP by exercising their democratic power during the first phase of polls.

"In the second phase, people will break BJP's leg. During the third phase, people will damage its knees. In the remaining phases, people will break its other parts and finally on May 2, people will place the party on a cot (metaphor for cremation)," he said.

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