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BJP trying to gain power in Bengal with tainted leaders, says Abhishek

BJP trying to gain power in Bengal with tainted leaders, says Abhishek

Pandabeshwar (Burdwan): The BJP was trying to capture power in Bengal with a host of corrupt leaders, who would destroy the state, alleged president of Trinamool Youth Congress, Abhishek Banerjee, here on Wednesday. The leader made the statement while addressing a rally here to campaign for the party's candidate, Narendranath Chakraborty who has been pitted against TMC turncoat Jitendra Tiwari from Pandabeshwar Assembly seat.

"BJP has given shelter to people having tarnished image. Narendra Modi has promised to put an end to the coal Mafia raj in Asansol belt with the help of Jitendra Tiwari and take action against the accused in the Narada scam with the help of Subhendu Adhikari. It has promised to end the syndicate raj with the help of Sabyasachi Dutta. The party has promised to take legal action against the accused of the chit fund scam with the help of Mukul Roy. These people are the biggest extortionists and have taken BJP's shelter to cover up their misdeeds," Abhishek alleged.

Criticising Tiwari, Abhishek said the former knew that Trinamool Congress (TMC) would not give him ticket as he did not work for people. "Those, who do not work for people, have no place in Trinamool. He has joined the BJP to cater to his selfish needs," he added.

Abhishek urged people not to vote for the turncoat. "If you vote for the traitor, you will betray the soil of Bengal," he added. In a sarcastic tone, Abhishek said people had witnessed 'Acche Din (good days)' of Modi when the price of cooking gas and fuel skyrocketed. "He (Modi) had promised to give jobs to two crore people, but it did not happen," he stated.

The TMC leader said none of the BJP leaders were seen during the pandemic or Amphan. "Did you see any of them during the pandemic? They come before the elections like migratory birds. On the contrary, TMC never abandons people and stands by them in times of need," he claimed.

Abhishek urged the voters to ask BJP what they had done for the development of Asansol and its adjoining areas. "Mamata Banerjee has made west Burdwan a new district and all round development has taken place. More development will take place in future," he said.

Meanwhile, sources said resentment was brewing among BJP workers over the nomination of Tiwari. Initially, BJP candidate Babul Supriyo had said he would talk to the senior leaders to ensure that Tiwari did not get a ticket from the seat. "The old BJP workers have refused to work for him (Tiwari) and clashes between the old and new BJP workers have become a regular event in the area," sources added.

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